The Most Famous and Effective Amulets to Protect Yourself Against the Evil Eye

The evil eye uses the power of the gaze to harm others out of envy or any kind of bad energy. Because of it, the person affected may become weak and tired. In fact, harm usually occurs through a malevolent glare, but also through flattery, thought, breath and physical contact.

Especially, children and teenagers are weaker and exposed to the evil eye as they haven’t reached their maximum physical and spiritual development. So, they tend to be the most vulnerable to the bad energies that surround us.

But, we can always protect them and here, we’ll explain how this harm is created and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from it!

The evil eye is fundamentally based on the idea that we are all energy and that positive energies can cause a lot of wellbeing, but negative energies can do us a lot of harm too. As a consequence, if we are constantly in contact with other people's energy, consciously or unconsciously, they can affect our energy.

Following this, in many cultures, the eyes are considered the window to our soul because of their ability to reflect our emotions. That’s why the function of amulets is none other than to deflect negative glares and bad desires, to divert the attention of those who want to harm us. It is in charge of scaring away bad energies and protecting us against them.

Amulets to Protect Yourself Against Evil Eye

The amulets you can use to protect yourself against the evil eye varies from culture to culture. For example, the Egyptians had the "Eye of Horus" as an amulet.

Eye of Horus

According to their beliefs, it served to protect the sight or any eye disease. At the same time, it served to fight the evil eye.

This talisman is now a symbol that represents good health and prosperity and is used in spiritual healing. Also, it works to increase the energy and strength of the body!



Additionally, many of you know its meaning, but others may have bought it as a souvenir attracted by its beautiful color, without knowing that the function of this amulet is to protect you.


Similarly, the famous Nazar will protect you from the evil eye, and it is probably the best-known amulet against the evil eye. The use of the Nazar will depend on what you want to protect. It is very common to see it hanging in the entrances of the houses to divert bad energies from home. You can also use it in offices to attract fortune, hang it in the clothes, in the cradle or in the room of a baby to protect her from the excess of attention she receives, etc.In Morocco, for instance, you’ll find the Nazar normally inside a Hamsa. It is believed that it multiplies the power of this amulet!


Hamsa is a symbol that dates back to ancient times. Maybe ancient Mesopotamia, and it has been used by several religions simultaneously. For Judaism, Islam and some branches of Orthodox Christianity the Hamsa is a common amulet whose ultimate reference is probably that of "the hand of God".


This amulet has meaning for both Jews and Muslims. Both recognize this energy and incorporated into their culture this symbol that they use as a protection. In the Arab world, it is used as a talisman to protect against misfortune in general and the evil eye in particular. It is usually a pendant, a hand with the thumb and little finger curved and pointing outwards, which protects from evil by stopping it with the palm. It prevents disease and attracts good luck. It is worn in the same way as the Nazar.

One of the most notorious early apparitions of the Hamsa is the image of a large open hand appearing at the Alhambra's Judicial Door, from the 14th century. You can see it on the main door, in the shape of a horseshoe arch, and in the exact center, there is a hand-carved with the palm extended and open towards us, which represents the five fundamental commandments of the Koran.

In the case of the Hebrew people, it is a symbol of protection and divine bliss. The Hamsa still plays its role in some Sephardic rituals today. During the henna ceremony, when brides decorate themselves in preparation for their wedding, brides may wear a hammock around their neck to protect themselves from the evil eye.

Some awesome amulets especially designed for you!

Here we can see some pieces that have a Hamsa and Nazar, which will protect you from the evil eye and bring you good luck.


Learn the benefits and appreciate the beauty of using evil eye jewelry and amulets!




 Andrea Sterling Silver Bracelet



This beautiful and delicate bracelet will make you highlight your beauty and the most important thing is that it will protect you from bad energies no matter where you are.

  • Crafted with solid 925 sterling silver.
  • Hamsa charm accompanied by a simple round evil eye detail.
  • Gold, rose gold or silver plated.
  • Quality white and blue cubic zirconia jewels.
  • Adjustable length 6.5 inches to 8 inches.

This jewel is made out of high-quality materials and you can expect to have this piece for a lifetime… a lifetime of protection and beauty!








Zoe Hansma Earrings

These delicate and beautiful earrings will always keep you protected from bad energies.

  • Handmade in Turkey, delicate Hansma earrings.
  • Crafted with solid 925 sterling silver.
  • Rose gold plated.
  • Quality turquoise jewels.

This is another great amulet made with a high-quality product that will protect you and highlight your beauty with its versatility. These earrings can be used on any occasion. So they will always be useful to you!





Elly Opal Hamsa Sterling Silver Bracelet

 This beautiful bracelet not only has a special shine and delicacy but is a very powerful charm that will free you from bad looks and attract good luck to your days.

  • Genuine white or blue opal Hamsa charm.
  • Lined with quality white cubic zirconia jewels.
  • Crafted with solid 925 sterling silver.
  • Gold, rose gold or silver plated.
  • Adjustable length of 6.5 to 8 inches.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to keep your family safe and demonstrate your good taste.





925 Sterling Silver White Blue CZ Evil Eye Protection Pendant Necklace

This beautiful pendant from Nazar is a very special and powerful piece. It will keep you safe from the bad energies you may have around you. It is perfect to wear in your everyday life, or even in a business meeting.

Indeed, the combination of blue and transparent crystals makes it a unique piece of jewelry. In sum, it’s a mystical and powerful piece. You'll be filled with light!






Hamsa Necklace Bracelet for Women Girls, Sterling Silver 925 Cubic Zirconia Blue Evil Eyes 

With this beautiful Hamsa, you will not only have protection, but you will have one of the strongest and most important symbols of protection with you. It will keep you away from the strong glares and attract the prosperity and happiness you’re looking for.








Protect yourself and your loved ones as much as you can!

To protect your family and yourself, you can use quartz and bracelets. Also practice meditation, to keep the energies balanced. Or as a last resort, identify the people who exercise negative force and move away from them. But, an evil eye amulet will make the difference and enhance all your efforts