Hand Made Glass Evil Eye Bracelet

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  • Hand Made Glass Evil Eye Bracelet
Hand Made Glass Evil Eye Bracelet Hand Made Glass Evil Eye Bracelet

Hand Made Glass Evil Eye Bracelet

$12 $9 -25%

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  • If you are curious about the mystical powers of Evil Eye Jewelry and you would like to experience it for yourself, then put this bracelet to the test.  This is the best place to start and today you can save 25%.

    Beautiful hand made blue glass evil eye bracelet.  Elastic bracelet provides a one size fits all comfortable feel and is a real eye-catcher. (Pun intended)

    Blue glass evil eye bracelets prevent bad luck and attracts good luck. That's why Greek and Turkish people are so interested in glass eye beads and the objects that have this symbol. All those Turkish glass evil eye charms - nazar boncugu - would make you feel as if you are being pursued. It is as if secret eyes are following the life and the people around you offering protection.

    It is our belief that if you put this bracelet on and wear it every day for 30 days you will experience the benefits for yourself in your own way.  Then naturally you will add yourself to our long list of customers and evil eye believers from around the world. 

    Today we are doing everything we possibly can to make that happen for you by making this generous $9.00 offer to try to help you & as many new people as possible have their own evil eye experience.   We believe that if you test out this bracelet you will tell your friends, and you will be back and add yourself to our growing list of  Evil Eye Collective customers from around the world.

    THIS ITEM SHIPS WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY FROM OUR USA WAREHOUSE, so you can be wearing this bracelet and experiencing the benefits in just a couple of days! 

    Click the add to cart button at the top of this page.  Let me put it this way,  if this website was a total scam and you lost $9.00 it wouldn't change your life all that much, would it?  But what if there sincerely is mystical power with what many cultures call, the lucky eye?

    Add your bracelet to the cart now because you will never know how good it could be if you don't try.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! so do it now!

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