Signs of the Evil Eye in Children and How to Prevent It

There is a popular belief that one person can cast an evil eye on someone else. That is, a negative energy as a result of envy. So, the evil eye is a product or effect of envy; or the admiration that an adult feels towards the beauty of a baby or child… and that powerful glare may affect the child.

But, how do adults affect children with the evil eye?

The evil eye is an energetic damage caused by the exchange of energies, usually between an adult and a child in an involuntary way. It may damage energetically because the adult steals part of the healthy energy of the children. As a consequence, children experience some ailments that require a 'cure' at an energetic level so that the damage is rebalanced or reverted".

Although it may even sound like magic, popular belief says that a person's bad intentions with their negative or even destructive thoughts towards a baby can create this kind of discomfort.

It may sound like a legend or false myths, many parents may become concerned about the physical or mental health of a newborn baby or toddler because of an evil eye. This problem is directly related to the negative energy that an external person can influence the life of a baby, even making him/her sick.

For example, when babies or children have the evil eye, they will begin to present symptoms such as uncontrolled crying. It is strong enough to notice it’s not normal. In addition, babies won’t sleep as usual because as soon as they close their eyes, they will wake up quickly and continuously. Also, vomits, diarrhea and loss of appetite are frequent.

However, as these symptoms are common in all children, you must previously discard with a pediatrician the presence of a disease.

Learn more about the evil eye in this video!


What to Do to Relieve or Avoid the Evil Eye in Babies?

There are many ways to cure the evil eye in babies. Some of the most efficient in some cultures are the following:

  • Clean the child with a white egg. Buy a fresh and clean egg and pass it all over the child's body. You start at the head and end at the feet. Repeat the procedure a couple of times and later, throw away the egg. Alternatively, some people break the egg into a glass, filled with clean water and place it (that night) under the child's bed or crib, so that it picks up the bad energy (the evil eye) that the baby received. The next day the contents of the glass must be discarded.
  • Protect your child with the color red. It is common to alleviate dressing your child with a red piece of clothing. You can use a red cord or bracelet too (placed in the right hand), The purpose of the color red is to distract the eyes of the envious person, since they will pay attention to the color and not to the child.

Perhaps motivated by envy, jealousy or even bad feelings towards the child's parents, these people can even get babies sick with a look, at least that way they assure the popular beliefs that point to the evil eye as responsible for this type of symptoms or discomfort in the baby.

Additionally, here are some items that will help you protect your little one against any bad energy around.



Nisia Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet is fully adjustable, which will allow your child to be comfortable and wear it for a long time. It will always adapt to what he/she needs. It has four eyes on the front and two eyes on the sides (one on each side). For better protection for your child, its texture is soft and delicate, which will make your child feel comfortable at all times.

It comes in dark blue, which will not only provide you with prevention against the evil eye but will also give you

► Karma and fate protection.
► Relaxation.
► Open flow of communication.

Its design is not only protective but also maintains a unique and delicate style to match with all the clothes of your child. You can use it in the place you like, on the wrist or ankle, and children will always be comfortable and protected





Mana Threaded Bracelet


This beautiful bracelet of shiny stones is adjustable to all kinds of sizes. It has a design of the evil eye surrounded by bright crystals to give it a more glamorous and unique touch. It has a light blue woven ribbon to give it a more subtle and delicate touch, plus the light blue color will give you the following benefits

► General protection. 
► Broadening your perspective.
► Peace.

By the way, this bracelet is designed especially for the little ones of the house. It gives them a delicate style and protection at the same time. You can put it on the wrist or the foot of your child and it will always be perfect.





Nisi Simple Evil Eye Bracelet

Nisi Simple Evil Eye Bracelet has a delicate design that makes this bracelet very special and subtle, especially for a baby or a small child. Besides, your child can wear it on her arm or legs without doing any damage. This bracelet is quite soft on your skin.


This simple but elegant evil eye bracelet comes in eight different colors perfectly combinable. Each one has extra benefits thanks to the meanings of its colors.




- Happiness and protection.
- Motivation for commitment.
- Increase creativity and playfulness.

Dark Blue
- Karma and fate protection.
- Calmess and relaxation.
- Open flow of communication.

Light Blue
- General protection.
- Broadening your perspective.
- Solitude and peace.

Dark Green
- Garners happiness.
- Balance in your life.
- Freedom to pursue new ideas.

- Brings you courage.
- More enthusiasm and energy.
- Protection from fears and anxieties.

- Boost your imagination.
- Re-balance your life.
- To remove obstacles.

Yellow or Gold
- Protect your health.
- Relief from exhaustion.
- Sharper mind and concentration.

-  Friendship.
- Calming feeling.
- Content and relaxation.

This bracelet will not only give your child protection and joy but also mark him or her with a different and renewed (positive) style and energy all the time.

Are you ready for a change? You can protect your loved ones as they deserve it!


When parents are aware that their baby's ailments or discomfort are not due to physical causes but to external influence, what they can do is put a red bracelet or ribbon on the baby or child's wrist to ward off bad energy.

Alternatively, here you have awesome designs for stylish children that look good and proctect your kid when he’s more vulnerable. So, don’t miss the opportunity. You have nothing to lose anyway!