What is the Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning?

To protect yourself from the negative influence of the dark forces – some people wear crosses, some the star of David, others wear protective amulets. But in  ancient and modern day practices evil eye tattoos are also equally effective and trendy and popular


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 What does the evil eye tattoo mean?

To understand the evil eye’s meaning, we need to know its relevance. Everyone needs protection from the evil eye, and there are many ways throughout history people have sought protection from the evil eye. One of the standard options is to look for an amulet, talisman, or charm, to wear. Many hollywood stars wear evil eye jewelry and one of the reason it has become so popular. 

The evil tattoo is created for protecting the bearer or wearer from the negative impressions of evil eyes much like jewelry.  The difference is a person could leave their home and forget to put on their evil eye ring, evil eye necklace, etc. A evil eye tatoo will always be with you, besides that, they look really cool and much like the jewelry have become very popular and trendy.  


The practice of applying  a protective tattoo against “evil” eye has existed since ancient times shamans and chiefs, ordinary citizens and soldiers, the priests put on their sacred evil eye body drawings. And even today, during the development of science and technology, the evil eye is considered one of the most reliable ways of protection from the dark forces.

The evil eye symbol tattoo becme the privilege of the noble and the hallmark of soldiers and sailors.

Today evil eye tattoos and evil eye jewelry is done as a fashion statement, but it is worth remembering that this is a piece of your souls in histoy and many religions – a symbol of protection

Many believe when an evil eye tattoo is applied it can be used attract the help of higher power and gain personal power. Simply put some people and cultures around the world wear the evil eye with as much respect as Christians wear the cross.

When decide on an evil eye Tatoo it is important to know it will draw the attention that many tattoos do, but it will also attract and create interesting conversations from true Evil Eye Believers.

The evil eye protective tattoo is best applied on a secluded part of the body – on the neck and lower back foot, or in the area behind the ear, on the inner side of the thigh, shoulder or wrist.

Optimally, if the tattoo master will give you a sketch of the drawing taking into account individual wishes and principles of preparation of the evil eye pattren.

This will enhance its protective action. And a couple of tips. First of all, you should choose a quality tattoo parlor and an experienced master, because the patterning on the body is a kind of surgical interference, and the picture will stay with you forever.

Before you fill the body tattoo ask your master to pay you a henna or a special washable ink and try it out  for a few days. Listen to your gut and after you make your decision.

So listen to your intuition when choosing your tattoo. If you choose the evil eye it is important that you understand the meaning behind an evil eye tattoo and we hope this aticle has been valuable for you. 


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